Israel’s false friends

By Jonathan Greenberg, Originally published in The Hill

“Come and let us reason together,” said the Prophet Isaiah.

“Reason is a propaganda tool of right-wing colonial occupiers,” answer Congress’ progressive leaders.

Friendship is purchased cheap these days. All one has to do is proclaim friendship and the expectation is that all manner of unfriendly behavior is forgiven. But most people can still tell true friends and imposters when they see them. And most of us don’t forgive that easily – nor should we.
In February, ten Representatives joined Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy in calling on the Obama Administration to investigate allegations of torture and “extrajudicial killings” by the Israeli military and police. Apparently Israeli law enforcement defending the public from car ramming and knife wielding attacks is now a human rights violation.

The letter specifically mentioned the case of Ahmed Manasra, who Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed Israel had “executed.” Imagine everyone’s surprise (insert sarcasm) when the lad was photographed in an Israeli hospital recovering from wounds he sustained when he wouldn’t stop stabbing people. You’d think that turning up alive would violate one of the more important requirements for having been “executed,” but this is Israel we’re talking about, so the rules for the rest of humanity don’t apply.

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