How Israeli Millennials View the U.S. Elections

By Eliana Rudee, Originally published in The American Spectator

Most Israelis care deeply about the outcome of the U.S. elections and have strong opinions about who should be the next U.S. president.

As an American living in Israel, I’m frequently asked what Israelis think about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the U.S.-Israel relationship in general. I surveyed (not scientific) other young Jerusalemites from three Facebook groups with a simple question: Which U.S. presidential candidate do you prefer, and why?

The results of my survey largely echo conversations I’ve had with Israelis around the city. Many of the arguments for and against the candidates mirror American discourse, but with an understandable focus on how these deliberations affect the State of Israel.

The majority of respondents preferred Trump to be the next president. Jerusalemite Trump supporters, much like Trump himself, were adamant and direct, one candidly stating, “Trump! Without a doubt he is the better candidate. He has strong positions and supports Israel.” Another simply described Trump as “the one and only.” Of the respondents who favored Trump, most said they believe he is “better for the Jews” or “better for Israel.” One woman said, “Trump openly supports Israel and he is our fan. He opposes terrorism, and calls it by its name. Obama has bad relations with Israel and Hillary would continue it.” Another opined, “Only Trump! Why? Because he has a Jewish daughter, so he is for us.”

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