This Israeli Filmmaker Wants to Tell You a Story

By Paul Miller, Originally published in the New York Observer

Sirens blare, warning Israelis they have only seconds to find shelter from the rockets being launched from Palestinian territories. Children run for their lives, while a surface-to-air interceptor missile is launched, racing toward the sky. And in an instant, fear turns to joy as a deadly image morphs into celebratory fireworks, laughter and cheering crowds.

This is the genius of filmmaker Eyal Resh.

Resh doesn’t dream about being the next Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese. The 27-year-old Israeli has come to America not to “make it” in Hollywood, but to impact a tougher audience: the global theatre of world opinion.

 “I truly see it as my responsibility to use my abilities in order to change Israel’s image in the U.S. and in the world,” Resh told the Haym Salomon Center. “It means putting messages out there that will help people understand what Israel is all about, from its beauty to the richness of its complexity. It also means nurturing the Israeli-American and Jewish communities here in the states.”

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