Israel Should Beware of Chameleon in a Pantsuit

A Hillary Clinton presidency would be distinguished by unmitigated hostility toward Israel. Clinton would surely use her authority to coerce the Jewish State into fulfilling her ultimatums without any respect for Israel’s sovereignty or security, as revealed in emails recently exposed by WikiLeaks.

Sandy Berger, National Security Advisor under Bill Clinton, advised Hillary that if Netanyahu continued to be an obstacle to her goals, she would “need to find the ground from which you can make his politics uneasy.” Astonishingly, Berger was aware that “failure is a real possibility” and felt that any risk to Israeli lives was worth it.

Clinton and her entourage can be expected to employ pressure tactics against Israel, even if it means putting countless Israeli and Palestinian lives in danger. Former U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Thomas Pickering proposed a secret plan to stir up Palestinian protests “just like Tahrir Square” in order to force the Israeli government into peace negotiations. Pickering admitted that this plan could overthrow the Palestinian Authority and that widespread violence would inevitably break out. Clinton requested a print copy of Pickering’s proposal.

Former Clinton aide Anne-Marie Slaughter proposed shaming Israel into accepting a Palestinian state. This “Pledge for Palestine” initiative would raise funds from wealthy individuals to promote “global solidarity with the Palestinians.” Clinton replied that she was “very interested” in Slaughter’s proposal and requested further details.

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