Islamic State isn’t alone in its murderous aspirations

By Eliana Rudee, Originally published in USA Today

Global problems call for global solutions. But until we recognize and name the global problem as such, it will surely continue. We can choose the politically correct path by hemming and hawing at the differences between attacks and terrorist groups, or we can see the attacks as a trend that we can fight.

During Shabbat dinner at a friend’s place, someone came in and announced that there had been a terrible terrorist attack in France. Many of the people at Shabbat dinner were observant, so there was very little knowledge of what had happened. But we knew it was bad.

To be completely honest, although my first thought was sadness and anger, I was somewhat relieved that the terrible news didn’t hit close to home, compared to the attacks in the previous weeks. These attackers were not targeting Jews or Israelis.

When terrorists hurl rockets into Israel, attack Jews on the street with knives and plan suicide bombings, Israel often responds with increasing security and counter-attacks. No matter the extent of the terrorism, Israel is invariably and almost universally condemned for responding disproportionately. Israelis then ask the rest of the world: What would you do if this happened in your country?

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