ISIS’ Voting Guide: Trump ‘Impulsive and Unpredictable’ Clinton a ‘Female Feminist’

The Islamic State released their voting guide the weekend before Election Day—and it tells more about their angst than anything.

The inevitable threats included in the text, a seven-page PDF presented in their glossy magazine style, garnered the most headlines—not surprising considering reports that al-Qaeda may have been planning an attack to coincide with the U.S. vote.

“We have come to slaughter you and smash your ballot boxes,” the ISIS piece read, adding that since “voters are directly involved in the decision-making process by choosing delegates to represent them and their whims executively, judicially, and legislatively, the blood of Crusader voters is even more deserving of being spilled than the blood of Crusader combatants.”

That includes women, they reasoned, because females are “no longer mere wives serving Crusader husbands and raising cross-worshiping children” but are active in the political process and running for office.

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