Iran’s ominous alliance with Russia

While the American mainstream media are busy conducting their nightly proctologic examination of the Trump administration’s supposed blunders, a new balance of power is taking shape in the Middle East. The press seems intent on ignoring this momentous development, perhaps because bringing it front and center would expose the Obama administration’s Iran deal as one of the worst fiascos in American diplomatic history.

I refer to the powerful, durable and growing alliance between Russia and Iran, which, if it continues, has ominous consequences for the United States and its ally Israel.

For well over a year, the Russians have been bombing the insurgents fighting the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. Russia is not just bombing ISIS, as Vladimir Putin has sometimes claimed, but all of the militias that threaten the Iranian-backed Assad regime. That includes those militias that we have armed and trained as a sane, non-Islamist alternative to the regime.

Russia has its own reasons for supporting Assad, however; by coordinating its air operations with the Syrians and their Iranian backers, Russia is cementing its relationship with the radical, anti-American and anti-Israeli mullahs in Iran.

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