By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in American Spectator

s Dinesh D’Souza right? Mr. D’Souza is a political commentator who proposed that the best explanation of President Obama’s behavior was not to be found in Obama’s seeming embrace of the radical socialism of Saul Alinsky but in the anti-colonialism of his father. Mr. D’Souza’s theory has been heatedly dismissed by the White House with the admonition that in America we do not judge people by their father’s political beliefs and that Ronald Reagan’s father was an alcoholic.

Fair enough, but then Ronald Reagan never wrote a memoir titled, Dreams from My Father, in which he measured his own life by both the achievements and failures of an alcoholic father that had abandoned him.

The reason that Mr. D’Souza’s 2010 book comes back into focus is Mr. Obama’s Iran deal. If we had doubts about Mr. D’Souza’s hypothesis before, Mr. Obama in recent weeks has gone a long way toward lending confirmation to it.

If you begin with the reasonable supposition that Mr. Obama is not an anti-Semite, then how do you explain his trafficking in contemptible blame the Jews rhetoric in order to promote his dangerous Iran deal? And for those who cannot bring themselves to accept Mr. Obama’s contemptible behavior, even longtime Obama supporter Abraham Foxman said, “Obama was using language—saying those opposed to the deal were cynically motivated to bomb Iranian nuclear sites—that fueled the anti-Semitic stereotyping of Jews as warmongers.”

One would think that after a lifetime of fighting anti-Semitism Mr. Foxman would know anti-Semitic references when he heard them.

So, how do you explain Mr. Obama’s sinking to this level of bullying to promote a deal that is so flawed it loses support daily?

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