How Can Obama Claim to Understand Israel’s Security Better Than Israelis?

By Jonathan Greenberg, published by the Center for Security Policy

Here is another excellent question from the Washington Institute’s Robert Satloff to President Obama, presented as part of our continuing series amplifying his critique of the deal.

It is surely legitimate for you to argue that the Iran deal enhances U.S. security but it certainly seems odd for you to claim to understand Israel’s security needs more than its democratically elected leaders. Are there other democracies whose leaders you believe don’t recognize their own best security interests or is Israel unique in this regard?

While supporters of the President’s Iran nuclear deal have gone to great lengths to point out the former Israeli military and intelligence professionals who believe the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is good for the Jewish state, their efforts have been hampered by the facts: the overwhelming consensus among the Israeli populace, across the country’s political spectrum, and in the top echelons of its security apparatus is that the deal is an unmitigated disaster.

Why, then, do the President and his supporters persist in trying to convince us that the Obama Administration knows best?

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