Hidden Agendas Delegitimize Israel—and Black Lives

By Paul Miller, Originally published in the New York Observer

I don’t like Mondays. Let me correct that. I fear Mondays, but not for the usual reasons.

Every Monday morning, Chicago area residents wake up to news of a litany of weekend murders, usually African-Americans.

Most recently, Chicago experienced a “better” weekend, with “only” three homicides and 49 wounded by violence, compared to the previous weekend’s eight murders and 45 wounded.

Unfortunately, making African-American communities safer is not a high priority for Chicago politicians, civil rights leaders and the Black Lives Matter movement. As Mayor Rahm Emanuel oncesaid, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean is, it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Murders of African-Americans in Chicago, as well as major urban areas across the country, are almost exclusively perpetrated by other African-Americans. Where poverty festers and a cohesive family unit is a distant memory, crime prevails. When economic opportunity doesn’t exist and drug lords—not law enforcement—control the streets, innocent people die.

But if you ask Mayor Emanuel or his court jester of a police chief, Garry McCarthy, how to make Chicago safer, the answer is always “gun control.” Chicago aldermen and local clergy, such as Father Michael Pfleger, place the blame squarely on the Second Amendment, even though Chicago has the nation’s strictest gun laws.

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