Who Was Haym Salomon?

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Jewish American patriot and financier of the American Revolution, Haym Salomon did not receive the recognition he deserved. This great man played a major role in raising money to support George Washington’s troops, the new government and many individuals who needed help during the war for independence. Hear more about Haym Salomon from Paul Miller, President of the Haym Salomon Center in our introductory episode of the Center’s new podcast, “Your Second Opinion”.

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  1. In 1893, a bill was presented before the 52nd United States Congress ordering a gold medal be struck in recognition of Solomon’s contributions to the United States. In 1941, the writer Howard Fast wrote a book Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty. In 1941, the George Washington-Robert Morris-Haym Solomon Memorial was erected along Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago. In 1975 the United States Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp honoring Haym Saloman for his contributions to the cause of the American Revolution. This stamp, like others in the “Contributors to the Cause” series, was printed on the front and the back. On the glue side of the stamp, the following words were printed in pale, green ink:
    “Financial Hero—Businessman and broker Haym Solomon was responsible for raising most of the money needed to finance the American Revolution and later to save the new nation from collapse.”
    The Congressional Record of March 25, 1975 reads, “When Morris was appointed Superintendent of Finance, he turned to Solomon for help in raising the money needed to carry on the war and later to save the emerging nation from financial collapse. Solomon advanced direct loans to the government and also gave generously of his own resources to pay the salaries of government officials and army officers. With frequent entries of ‘I sent for Haym Solomon,’ Morris’ diary for the years 1781–84 records some 75 transactions between the two men.”
    n 1939, Warner Brothers released Sons of Liberty, a short film starring Claude Rains as Solomon. Hollywood film producer John C. W. Shoop, under direction of MorningStar Pictures, is currently in production of a story of the life and times of Haym Salomon called On The Money.

    In World War II the United States liberty ship SS Haym Solomon was named in his honor.

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