Guantanamo’s real boost to terror recruitment

By Bridget Johnson, Originally published in the Washington Times

A former Guantanamo detainee now going by the name Abu Mugheera al-Britani wrote in a new issue of English-language al Qaeda magazine Al-Risalah that he was now “sitting in the blessed land” of Syria, “reflecting on those weeks and days spent behind bars.”

“I thank Allah for releasing me and providing me with the opportunity of carrying out jihad in his path again,” the terrorist noted at the end of a pages-long description of being captured in Pakistan after Sept. 11, 2001, a graphic narrative of what he says was torture and Koran disrespect at the hands of “evil” Americans at the prison camp in Cuba.

In the issue, al Qaeda ticks off the number of detainees who have been behind bars at Gitmo, the number remaining, and the number cleared for release but still detained.

In al-Britani they add another number: former detainees who have returned to the fight and use their stories as terror spokesmen.

President Obama wants to liquidate this prison — and fast — because Congress is standing in the way of closure before his second term is up. But the pace of the lame-duck Gitmo liquidation could alone give a boost to terror.

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