Generation Z perspective: Why are my peers embracing anti-Semitism and socialism?

From universal health care to equality for minorities and the LGBTQ community, Israel should be their model nation. Instead, they vilify the Jewish state and advocate replacing the only democracy in the Middle East with another Islamic theocracy that would imprison and execute gays, and treat women and minorities as second-class citizens.

The propagation of socialism in the Democratic Party in this upcoming election cycle begs the question of why millennials and generation Z voters are attracted to far-left political ideals and candidates that offer no experience or accomplishments in the real world.

The standard answer is that young people are fed up with the way things have been done. They see a political class that is unjust, and a disconnect between their generation and elected officials. Millennials and Gen Z’ers believe the previous generations have failed them, and it’s time that they take the reins. Since the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, young people have bought into the “evils” of capitalism and the utopian society they think socialism will bring them. But besides history discrediting their thinking, they’ve embraced a modern form of social justice that blames the ills of the world on the United States and Israel. The latter has occasionally morphed into blatant anti-Semitism.

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