Fresh horror: The children’s intifada

Salomon Center coins the phrase “Children’s Intifada.”

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in the New York Daily News

The father lovingly places his son in the driver’s seat of the truck. He shows him a few basics about stopping, starting and driving. The son is 11 years old.

The truck is an armored vehicle packed full of explosives.

Dutifully, the son kisses his father’s hand. The father gets out of the truck, and the child drives off. In the distance, black smoke rises. The son is going to meet his 72 virgins, whether he’s reached puberty or not. The black smoke is the video’s money shot, augmented by a shot of the two joyful parents sitting on their couch beaming with pride about their son’s journey into martyrdom.

The father is a member of ISIS. But before you dismiss this as aberrant behavior, keep in mind that it is children who are heavily involved in carrying out the current knife intifada in the streets of Israeli cities and villages.

And this is not the first time. It was children who were sent as suicide bombers in the campaign against Israel in 2004.

This is the Islam of the jihadists. It is a culture that sends children to cruel, untimely deaths in the pursuit of martyrdom. More important, in a primitive culture based on honor and shame, the child’s martyrdom is eclipsed by the communal honor the parents will receive for having produced a martyr. Standing proudly on their child’s death, the parents will be glorified.

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