The Entire World Is in a War We Can’t Win—But We Have to Keep Trying

By Jonathan Greenberg, Originally published in the New York Observer

Western civilization is at war with radical Islamism. This simple fact—and it is a fact—has been overused and misused by the gung-ho, bombs-away crowd on the political right. It is argued against by the willfully blind and fellow travelers of the left. And because of this division, the nature of the enemy, and the insufficiency of our leaders and institutions, this is not a war we are currently equipped to win.

True, there has been no official declaration of war from the United States or any other country. But under any reasonable definition of what constitutes war, this is it. Arguing otherwise is like that cousin at the Thanksgiving table who says, “actually, Vietnam was a police action.” Sure it was.

So we are at war. And this war is everywhere. It is in Mogadishu, Ghazni, Yemen, Niger, Kazakhstan, Kabul, Karbala, Mosul and Istanbul. It is in Aleppo and Aleppo and Aleppo; in Baghdad and Baghdad and Baghdad. It is in Tel Aviv. It is in Orlando. It is in Paris. And all of those in just the last two weeks.

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