East African Lawyers Look to Israel for Negotiation Tactics

In the wake of expanding East African-Israeli relations, African nations often reach out to Israel for know-how on a range of topics: water conservation, energy, agricultural productivity, counter-terrorism; and now you can add business negotiation to that list.

Although it may seem like the beginning of a tasteless joke about Jews and negotiation tactics, this work is anything but a joke. DLA Piper is one of the largest law firms in the world, a title that comes with big responsibilities. They take pro-bono work particularly seriously and have worked on dozens of such global initiatives as a part of their “New Perimeter” program.

In one of their most recent initiatives, Jeremy Lustman, head of DLA Piper’s Israel office, was sent to Kenya to teach a course titled, “The Ins and Outs of Legalities in Special Economic Zones.” In collaboration with the East Africa Development Bank, Lustman taught a group of 40 East African government lawyers, in-house lawyers, and educational practitioners how to approach deals and negotiations with western countries. According to Lustman, it is necessary to educate on-site in special economic zones that attract foreign money, as there are many international rules, tax implications, and employment-related issues that these lawyers might not otherwise know.

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