Documentary on campus anti-Semitism draws big crowd near Chicago

By Paul Miller, Originally published in JNS

More than 250 supporters of Israel, including dozens of high school and college students, packed into a Chicago-area AMC movie theatre on Sunday for a screening of the documentary “Crossing The Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism On Campus,” a half-hour film that takes a look at when criticism of Israel “crosses the line” into anti-Semitism on North American college campuses.

Directed by Shoshana Palatnik and written by Yitz Brilliant, “Crossing the Line 2” was produced by Raphael Shore and Amy Holtz forJerusalem U, an Israel advocacy group describing itself as “committed to strengthening the emotional and intellectual connection of young Jews to Judaism and Israel.”

Jerusalem U sponsored Sunday’s event together with StandWithUs and Step Up For Israel, with additional participation from more than 20 area organizations and synagogues.

From the opening moments of the film, the audience experiences campus rallies that portray Israel and Jews as Nazis and equate Palestinians with Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

“I would never have said a year ago that this would happen on my campus,” laments Binghamton University alum Justin Hayet. “Thirty-something percent Jews, proud Jews, Zionists, such a strong Jewish and pro-Israel community—this would never happen, [but] it happened. People were being verbally and maliciously attacked for saying they believe in the right of a State of Israel.”

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