Did anti-Israel politicians create a vicious anti-Semite?

North Carolina’s Research Triangle region is earning the distinction of being an all-inclusive destination for those who hail from anti-Semitism cliques that run the gamut from religious to cosmopolitan to political to ethnoracial. Their tactics of intimidation against the area’s Jewish community are equally varied.

This year’s highlights include: Nazi propaganda flyers posted in Durham and in Cary, swastikas painted on walls in high school bathrooms, downtown street-art exhibitions celebrating terrorists who murder Jews, and a local imam taking to YouTube to exhort his followers to “fight the Jews.” On the campus of Duke University, acts of intimidation against Jewish students have become so brazen, so habitual, that its president just issued an all-hands-on-deck plea to local officials for help to “confront the scourge of anti-Semitism.”

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