Dershowitz: Obama is an abject failure—by his own standards

By Paul Miller, Originally published in the New York Observer

The night the Iran nuclear deal was announced was a sleepless one for Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, utterly distraught by the terms of the agreement.

“I got up and emailed my eBook publisher and said I have an idea. What if I do an eBook that could be out in time for the congressional debate? He thought it was a great idea,” Dershowitz explained in an exclusive interview with the Salomon Center for American Jewish Thought. “He gave me two weeks to write it. He got it in eleven days.”

Fears of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon have haunted supporters of Israel and advocates of Middle East peace for over a decade, stoked by frequent public reminders by back-to-back regimes of the Islamic Republic that their goal is the annihilation of the Jewish State.

“This book took me less than two weeks to write and ten years to research, so I’ve been thinking about and writing about this potentially for ten years,” explained Dershowitz. “I wrote my first long article about this in 2005. I had my ideas and I’ve been following the deal very closely. As soon as the deal was announced, I read it and annotated it, and the pages appear as an appendage to the book.”

Fifteen days after Dershowitz decided to write The Case Against the Iran Deal: How Can We Now Stop Iran from Getting Nukes?, it was released on Kindle and the following day was the number one international Kindle best seller. “People want to read about the deal. People want to be informed; they want to read the actual text of the deal. They want an informed judgment as to what’s good about it, what’s bad about it,” said Dershowitz. “There are some positive elements, but in my view most of the elements are quite negative and it virtually assures that Iran will get the bomb within a decade.”

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  1. I’ve had a beef with Detdchowitz for decades. I worked in civil rights law firms and contributed research to government officials. Larry Klayman spends all his time and effort filing complaints and taking legal action against the abuses of the administration. Derschowitz just hides in his office and hands is his wisdom and complains. This is one of the nations great legal scholars, but what does he do? A great Jewish lawyer told me once, “people will continue to do anything until you stop them with a court order.” I wish Mr. Derschowitz would get back behind his litigation desk and start filing motions instead of thinking. I can think of at least a dozen issues on which to attack Obama. Get busy and get the guy. He could have been removed from office on the hint that he wasn’t eligible. He violates his oath of office and the Constitution, so slam him with complaints and petitions. I actually filed a Petition for a restraining order when he tried to shut down the goverment. Hodges v. Obama. USDC AZ. The court actually wanted to hear the argument but obma was so scared of arguing the case he decided it was easier not to argue with me. The case? The congress and the president can’t shut down the courts, there are 3 branches of govt. The courts would have to consent. Do you think Oba wanted to argue with a paralegal in front of the press? Where’s your strategy Derschowitz? How long are you going to hide in your office?

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