Defeating Radical Islam Takes Political Will, Not Political Correctness

Lord Shackleton, who authored Britain’s draconian anti-terrorism act, justified it by saying that there was no greater human right than being free to walk out of your home and come back alive.

For the eight innocents who were out on the lower Manhattan bicycle path when they were mowed down on Oct. 31 by a radical Muslim terrorist influenced by ISIS, there was no coming back home.

Yet, it appears that unlike Lord Shackleton, our politicians and media have more sublime concerns than keeping us safe. In the immediate aftermath of the vehicular terror attack, both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio made boilerplate statements about New York’s strength and resilience. To them, it seemed to appear as business as usual. Another day, another terror attack. After all, more people die in New York City from heroin overdose than from terrorism. Why haven’t we just acclimated to it yet?

The diversity immigration lottery that brings 50,000 people to America from countries that have low rates of immigration is designed to enhance demographic diversity. It is designed to change America.

It has often been criticized as bringing in immigrants who couldn’t be properly vetted, who came from countries whose cultural fabric clashes with the American ethos, and who have no interest in acculturating into American society.

It is this lottery, with its imprint of political correctness, that brought the alleged ISIS-inspired terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, 29, to America from Uzbekistan and paved the way for his 23 relatives that joined him through chain migration, another policy designed to change the face of America.

Such policies have long put American lives at risk. When an ideology promises to kill us and does so, we should take it and its practitioners at their word.

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