CUFI public policy arm: The new sheriff in town

With the Trump administration’s supportive position on Israel, members of the House and Senate are finding themselves at a crossroads: Will they bear left and continue down the road of appeasing violence and opposing Israel’s right to build homes in Israel? Or will they bear right and demand the cessation of Palestinian terror and incitement as well as the United Nations’ irrational and obsessive condemnation of Israel?

Unlike the traditional pro-Israel lobbying that has lacked political accountability, a new nationwide effort is underway to educate millions of Americans on how their congressional representatives vote:  a scorecard.

The CUFI Action Fund, the policy wing of Christians United for Israel, will immediately begin tracking and ranking the voting records and Israel-related comments of every member of the House and Senate, including their use of rules to prevent pro-Israel legislation from coming to the floor for an up-or-down vote.

Members of the Senate were notified of the initiative by letter last week, a copy of which was exclusively obtained by the Haym Salomon Center:

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