CUFI: awareness is key to pro-Israel group surpassing 3 million members

By Paul Miller, Originally posted in JNS.

As 2015 began, Christians United for Israel (CUFI) proudly announcedthat their membership had surpassed the 2 million mark. In just under a decade since its founding, the Christian Zionist organization had become the largest pro-Israel group in the country.

But just a few months later, news headlines were dominated by turmoil between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama as well as negotiations surrounding the Iran’s nuclear program. As attention focused on the U.S.-Israel relationship as well as surging anti-Semitism around the world, CUFI saw their membership growth shift into overdrive—and membership now exceeds 3 million.

“In just over 15 months, CUFI membership increased by over 50 percent,” CUFI Communications Director Ari Morgenstern told the Haym Salomon Center.

“CUFI has grown to such an extent because we are the preeminent avenue through which Christians can make their voices heard in support of Israel,” explained CUFI founder Pastor John Hagee. “Every day we see on the news that radical Islam—be it Shi’a or Sunni—is unrelenting in its imperialist ambitions. Israel is on the front lines of this conflict. When people are aware of this issue—and there’s no way not to be—they should seek to do something about it. Believers know that God will not hold harmless those who choose to be silent.”

Noting the atrocities being committed by Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, Hagee believes life in that part of the world has become increasingly dangerous for Christians, Jews, and minorities alike.

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