Comparing Trump To Hitler Is An Idiotic Obscenity

If a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, a vacuous analogy is the curse of those who are incapable of seeing foolish comparisons. Enter the leftist Israeli newspaper Haaretz, whose Chemi Shalev has found in the presidential campaign of Donald Trump not only a new reason for the rise of anti-Semitism unmeasured by any but the most anecdotal standards, but an enhanced understanding of the rise of the Third Reich.

The work of Hannah Arendt, Franz Neumann, and William Shirer now provide us with new insight as a consequence of the Trump phenomenon, or so Shalev and others like him would like us to believe. I am waiting, I suspect in vain, for a similar exegesis of the Hillary Clinton campaign that will enhance our comprehension of Evita Peron or Mary, Queen of Scots.

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