By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published by The American Spectator

As the scenes of wanton carnage from bombings in Paris and Brussels lacerate our sensibilities, test the limits of compassion, and strike fear in our hearts about the prospects of such violence being visited once again on our own shores, our chattering classes have gone to great lengths to reassure us that the Muslim community in America is different from the Muslim community in Europe.

We are repeatedly told that Muslims in America are well off and integrated into our communal structure. The violence we see in Europe is not a function of Islamic theology but of alienation and marginalization — of Europe’s inability to integrate its Muslims.

Of course, those mourning their loved ones in San Bernardino, California might dispute that notion.

After absorbing so many Muslim refugees into their community, the people of Minneapolis might also question the underlying proposition. Having served as ground zero for the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al-Shabab a decade ago, they are now America’s recruitment center for ISIS.

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