Cal Berkeley’s Latest Effort to Erase Jewish History From Israel

I, for one, am not upset that the University of California, Berkeley is offering an anti-Israel course that is so biased it mocks the very purpose of a university.

Typically, in the leftist-dominated university, the prevailing paradigm of the Arab/Israeli conflict is that Israel is the last bastion of British imperialism and needs to be eradicated, with every Jew either thrown into the sea or sent back to Europe—even if their families have been living in the land of Israel for a thousand years.

Most university courses on the conflict hide this from public view. So, the new course offering at Berkeley should be praised, not condemned, for publicly announcing that its goal is to explore how Israel might be destroyed. This is incredibly refreshing, a peeling away of the sensitivity and compassionate newspeak that so shelter the reality of universities as cesspools of leftist propaganda.

nd who better to be the faculty sponsor of the course than Cal’s own Dr. Hatem Bazian. In the current environment at Cal, Bazian is the poster child for what an academic should be, a person who departs from the norms of dispassionate scholarship and replaces them with the Marxist vision of praxis, the unity of theory and practice.

Bazian has impeccable credentials for this role—earned not by merely sitting through preliminary examinations and writing a scholarly dissertation, but through his activism. He is co-founder of the militant Students for Justice in Palestine, an organization so virulently anti-Israel that it can shut down any speaker it disagrees with on almost any campus even before you could enunciate the monosyllabic word, “Jew.”

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