CAIR Board Member Calls Murder of Jews by Palestinian Gunman ‘Self-Defense’

Levana Malachi was a 60-year-old grandmother of six. Enjoying retirement, she was described as “motherly” as well as “dedicated, caring and modest” by her former colleagues working for the Israeli Knesset. But that all changed on the morning of October 9 when a Hamas-linked terrorist took her life.

With an M-16 in hand, Palestinian Musbah Abu Sbeih, according to authorities, committed a drive-by shooting near a light-rail station near the old border between East and West Jerusalem. Abu Sbeih continued driving, firing at cars as he passed Israel’s national police headquarters. With police in pursuit, the gunman headed toward the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Firing at police, he struck Yosef Kirma a 29-year-old police sergeant, who earlier this year was honored for thwarting a terror attack. Kirma, who was married earlier this year, died at the same hospital where Malachi was pronounced dead.

When it was over, two Israelis were dead and six sustained injuries. The gunman, with whom the Israeli police were very familiar, was also dead. It was later reported that on the morning of the attack, Abu Sbeih was due to turn himself in and begin a four-month jail sentence. In January 2015, he was convicted on multiple counts of inciting terror and supporting a terror organization.

As the Jewish state mourned its dead and prayed for the wounded, Palestinians began celebrating.

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