Bluewashing Jews Out Of The Rainbow

Dyke March

Chicago’s annual Dyke March has long included Jewish participants and Jewish symbols. Not this year. Jews were ejected from the parade because the rainbow flags they carried bore the Star of David.

Under the leftist doctrine of “intersectionality,” all oppressed people must stand together. The Palestinians have managed to win the war for the Left’s coveted status of an oppressed people – casting Israel in the role of the oppressor. Except that the flags at issue symbolized the religion of Judaism – not the state of Israel.

Thus, the predisposition of leftist identity politics toward anti-Semitism could now flourish and find justification under the cover of intersectionality, where Zionism is racism. The anti-Semitism of leftist student politics on campus has now moved on to the streets.

No mass movement has ever arisen without designating an “other” – the people to be hated. Philosopher Eric Hoffer, the acclaimed student of mass movements, noted that hatred is the great unifier, the essential glue that holds a movement together.

Oppressed people are like abused children. Many grow up to be like their abusers. So, it is not surprising that a movement that scorns and vilifies “breeders,” in their private moments as the “other,” is not totally immune to hatred and the irrationality on which it feeds.

Israel is the one country in the Middle East where a gay person need not fear execution or imprisonment for sexual orientation. While the American military was dealing with the convoluted policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” gays were openly serving in the Israeli Defense Forces without discrimination.

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