A Black Bishop Gave Donald Trump A Jewish Gift That Demonstrates Just How Awesome America Is

A few years from now, Donald Trump will be seated in a synagogue, attending the Bat Mitzvah of his granddaughter Arabella. With blessings of good health, he will do the same a few years later for grandsons Joseph and Theodore. The children of Jared Kushner and Trump’s daughter Ivanka are being raised in an observant Jewish home, which means Zadie (Grandpa) Trump will at times be topping his famous comb-over with a kippah (skullcap).

The presidential hopeful doesn’t have to start planning for those special occasions just yet. But thanks to Bishop Wayne Jackson of the Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, Trump won’t have to get himself a traditional Jewish prayer shawl called a tallit. After Trump’s address to the congregation on Saturday, the Christian minister presented him with a tallit made in Israel and a Bible.

So just to clarify. An African-American, non-denominational bishop gifted the Caucasian, Presbyterian presidential candidate with a Jewish prayer shawl made in Israel and a Bible, after he addressed an African-American congregation.

This is why America is awesome.

Political pundits and media elites are trying to paint a different story about Trump’s church appearance. To them it’s all about political pandering and impact. They accuse the Bishop of “cultural appropriation,” arguing that the tallit is “not his to share;” and they mock the Jewish Heritage Study Bible as “messianic” because it’s a Christian publication. I get that. As a recovering political consultant, I often look at impact on voters before anything else.

Motive is moot; poll numbers are what matters. This is especially true during an election year, when the media elites and political power brokers are trying to divide Americans in order to conquer an election.

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