Anti-Semitism: Today’s Left Stays True To Yesterday’s Left

Are you shocked that the Left has a Jew-hating problem? You shouldn’t be. Anti-Semitism has a long-standing tradition among those who declare themselves socialists.

The Soviet revolution officially abolished the institutionalized anti-Semitism of the Tsarist regime, but as early as August 1919, the new Soviet government instituted a campaign of destroying synagogues, seizing Jewish artifacts, and telling rabbis they could no longer minister to their congregants.

Neo-Nazi websites will tell you that Jews made the Russian Revolution, but the Jews were primarily in the Menshevik faction, the group that supported Kerensky and the democratic provisional government. With noteworthy exceptions, the Bolshevik faction was made up of Russian Christians.

A joke at the time, often repeated by Stalin, was that since the Mensheviks had a considerable Jewish following and the Bolsheviks did not, the Bolsheviks should consider launching an anti-Jewish pogrom against the Mensheviks. This passed for humor in a country where Tsarist administrators repeatedly used their offices to organize pogroms for the mass slaughter of helpless Jews.

F. A. Hayek, the famous Austrian economist and Nobel laureate, argues that totalitarianism emerged from the socialist ideal of centralized planning. The intellectual foundations of Nazism were to be found in German socialism. Hayek’s mentor, Ludwig von Mises, observed that it was no accident that the Nazis called themselves the National Socialist Workers Party. German industry under the Nazis was only nominally in the hands of private enterprise. The Nazi party set wage and price controls, production quotas and decided what was to be produced.

Centralization leads to the abolition of freedom and the need for scapegoats to deflect attention from its loss.

The modern Left goes into the streets to rage against globalization. According to them, globalization is a conspiracy to control the international economy. Who runs this conspiracy? International bankers.

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