Anti-Semitism Flourishes on California Campuses

By Shani Shahmoon, Originally published in the New York Observer

For nearly a decade, incidents of anti-Semitism have been on the rise in the University of California system and numerous other colleges in the Golden State.Some say California colleges make more headlines about incidents of anti-Semitism than for academic or athletic achievements. The most recent academic year was no exception.

According to the anti-Semitism watchdog group AMCHA Initiative, 69 anti-Semitic incidents occurred on 20 different California campuses during the recent academic year. UC Berkley led the way with eight instances, followed by UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz with seven each.

“When it comes to anti-Semitism, California schools continue to top the list, both in number and severity. To those of us closely monitoring the rise of campus anti-Semitism over the past few years, this comes as no surprise, since many California schools were ground zero for the campus anti-Zionism movement,” explained AMCHA Director Tammi Rossman-Benjamin. “Examination after examination demonstrate a direct connection between anti-Zionist activities on campus and acts of anti-Jewish hostility. The problem is not going away. In fact, it’s picking up steam and must be addressed immediately.”

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