Anti-Semitism in the American heartland

Does Mr. Shabazz have the right to introduce hatred into the classroom before a captive audience of impressionable students who are in a disadvantaged hierarchical relationship with the good professor?

In the past week, Knox College, a small private college in rural Illinois, has been dealing with the anti-Semitic screeds of a visiting assistant professor, Kwame Zulu Shabazz, whose credentials are conspicuously absent a doctorate, typically required for a school that presents itself as a distinguished liberal-arts college.

Mr. Shabazz traffics in hackneyed anti-Semitic tropes worthy of the Nazi rag Der Stürmer. They also have the all-too-familiar refrain of themes espoused by the Nation of Islam, exhortations that the Rev. Louis Farrakhan has publicly articulated for decades.

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