Anti-Israel Week Overshadows Holocaust Remembrance Day at UC-Irvine

By Shani Shahmoon, Originally published in the New York Observer

University of California-Irvine (UCI) student Kevin Brum is not Jewish. But that didn’t matter to the northern California native after he saw the film “Schindler’s List.” In the scene that replays in Mr. Brum’s mind, a Jew asks a Soviet soldier where to go, now that he was just liberated from the concentration camp—only to realize that no matter where he goes, he will be hated because he is a Jew.

It was this scene in the Steven Spielberg classic that inspired Mr. Brum to become a supporter of Israel and ardent defender of the Jewish people. Today he serves as vice president of Students Supporting Israel (SSI) at UCI, leading the fight against Anti-Zionism Week taking place on campus.

Spearheaded by the Muslim Student Union, Jewish Voice for Peace, Students for Justice in Palestine and the American Indian Student Association, events on campus have been marketed under the title, “Anti-Zionism: The Roots of Oppression.” All the while, Jewish and pro-Israel students found themselves caught in what they describe as a “fire of hate” and feelings of mourning as they observed Holocaust Remembrance Day this past Thursday.

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