Anti-Israel Professor Declines Dean of Faculty Position at Dartmouth

A May 8, 2017 report in the Observer, “Controversy Erupts Over Dartmouth Appointment of Anti-Israel Dean,” may have contributed to Professor N. Bruce Duthu’s decision to decline his recent appointment as dean of faculty at the Ivy League institution.

In a letter sent earlier today to Dartmouth faculty and staff, Duthu explained:

As many of you know, the news of my appointment, at least in some circles, remains a source of concern and contention. Whether warranted or not, this matter has been and will likely continue to be a significant distraction for me professionally and a source of considerable pain and frustration for me personally. It also has the great potential to be damaging to the college in the long term, given the higher visibility and engagement with external audiences that come with the dean’s position. Under these circumstances, I do not believe I can serve effectively as your Dean. I notified President Hanlon of my decision this past weekend.

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