An open letter to Reykjavik, Iceland, on its eruption of anti-Semitism

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in JNS

Dear Reykjavik City Council members,

You would think that your country, which routinely violates the international ban on commercial whaling—slaughtering 137 last year and turning its nose up at the very notion of endanger species—might not want to assume it has a “moral” role to play in something as long and complex as the Arab-Israeli conflict. But then again, can your presumption of being experts on the Middle East be chalked up to those endless Icelandic winter nights, punctuated by one of the world’s highest alcoholism rates?

When your city council decided to boycott Israel, you thought you might find some respite from being looked down upon as mere whale butchers. But all you did was show to the world that knowing how to violate an endangered species agreement does not really qualify one for entry into the fray of Middle Eastern politics.

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