Why the American Feminist Movement Is Steeped in Hypocrisy

I am a proud American-Israeli feminist woman, an eager stakeholder in our freedom, rights and future. It is my obligation to not remain silent as our movement is hijacked.

One (large) segment of the feminist movement is plowing toward the edge of a steep, treacherous cliff.

Despite the good-intentioned inclusion of various political organizations in the January Women’s March on Washington and International Women’s Day, many were also excluded.

More moderate voices, and anti-abortion groups (with the exception Islamist organizations, like CAIR), were not welcome. At the Oppression Olympics, only the loudest and most extreme points of view could compete for attention to their causes. I say this as a pro-choice woman who understands that now more than ever, in order to succeed, women’s rights must remain a bipartisan issue with multiple, consistent entry points.

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