America, Meet Haym Salomon

By Paul MillerOriginally published in the New York Observer

Sitting in the audience this past Thursday at the Republican Jewish Coalition presidential candidate’s forum, I was joined by hundreds of other Jews, dozing in and out of consciousness as Dr. Ben Carson bored the audience to sleep with a history on the Israel/Arab conflict.

As the well-intentioned neurosurgeon was ending his remarks, he uttered two words that quickly woke me up and drew applause from the crowd: “Haym Salomon.”

Intent on discrediting Dr. Carson at every turn, the lay media ignored a significant moment in American-Jewish history, focusing instead on Mr. Carson’s benign comments about the Star of David formation on a dollar bill and his mispronunciation of the terrorist group, Hamas.

As president and executive director of the Haym Salomon Center, a nonprofit news and public policy group, I was elated when Dr. Carson, during a high profile presidential event, invoked our organization’s namesake and his crucial role in the birth of our country. What I found disturbing, if not surprising, was an obtuse press that couldn’t get the facts more incorrect about Mr. Salomon if their researchers were toddlers in a school operated by Hamas or the United Nations (not much difference).

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