The Amateur in the White House: Obama’s Iranian Folly

By Abraham H.  Miller, originally published in the New York Observer

Barack Obama will go down in history as the American president who enabled the Shi’ite theocracy to become the region’s hegemonic power and looked the other way while Iran developed the bomb.

What Henry Kissinger did for the Shah of Iran, Barack Obama is now doing for the Mullahs.

Sanctions will be lifted. Iran’s conventional threat, its projection of power in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, will become more virulent as its economy becomes more invigorated. The Shi’ite crescent from Tehran to the Mediterranean appears closer to fruition. Ironically, only ISIS stands in the way in a contest that we lose no matter which brand of fundamentalist Islam wins.

There will be a nuclear arms race among the Sunni Gulf States to act as a deterrent against Iranian nuclear blackmail in the region. The fall of Yemen’s Sunni government to Iran-backed Shi’ite rebels is the shape of things to come. Yemen is the modern Spain. As the civil war in Spain was a proxy fight between communism and fascism, the conflict in Yemen is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is a fight between Shi’ite Islam and the Saudi’s Wahabbi fundamentalism.

The Saudis only have to look across the border and at the Shi’ite areas in Saudi Arabia to know what awaits them. The nuclear arms race is, consequently, in the offing.

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