Actually President Obama, It WILL Make A Difference If You Start Calling It ‘Radical Islam’

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in Independent Journal Review

In his equivalence of “what difference does it make, anyway,” President Obama heatedly addressed those who have criticized him for conspicuously avoiding the use of the term “radical Islam.” After a series of fluffed out straw man examples, the president concluded that the entire discussion was a distraction.

Ironically, the avoidance of the term is the actual distraction from dealing with the problem of radical Islam and leads to such contemptible sophistry as to compare Islamic terrorism of the present day with the Crusades of centuries earlier–a point the president tried to inflict on his listeners at a prayer breakfast.

Winston Churchill knew what difference a word can make. Churchill, whose diction was impeccable, always referred to the Nazis as “Nazzies,” affecting the pronunciation of Britain’s wartime working classes. Churchill was making the point that he, too, knew who the enemy was and was sharing ordinary Britons’ contempt for the war criminals that were bombing London’s civilian population. Churchill knew words mattered.

Obviously, Barack Obama is no Winston Churchill.

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