Academic apologists for ISIS blame America

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in the Washington Times

f you want to understand why academicians are often society’s court jesters, then the program titled, “ISIS An Historical Perspective,” presented at the University of California, Santa Barbara last month, would have gone a long way toward providing an explanation.

Up to bat in defense of Islamic extremism and to absolve the Islamic State of the brutality that daily lacerates the sensitivities of civilized human beings were assistant professor of history Sherene Seikaly and her colleague professor Adam Sabra.

Billed as seeking to “contextualize” ISIS‘ formation and actions, the two professors engaged in such nonsense that should have incited the audience to question how they ever were awarded degrees.

Certainly if the drivel that was presented is remotely representative of what the professors do in their classrooms, their students should be encouraged to demand a refund for farce masquerading as education. If Goodyear can warranty a set of tires, should not the Regents of the University of California warranty that their universities provide education and not a strange mixture of nonsense and propaganda?

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