JVP Standing In The Jewish Community Rivals Hamas And The KKK

By Abraham H. Miller, Originally published in The Daily Caller

I’m Jewish, and I want people to boycott Israel,” pens Rebecca Vilkomerson, in the Washington “Post Everything” column of the WaPo on June 24. Vilkomerson is the executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace, an organization that is neither a voice for peace nor Jewish except when Jewish traditions can be manipulated to support the Palestinian cause.

JVP refers to itself as the “Jewish arm” of the Palestinian solidarity movement. If you want to know how Jewish and how much of a voice for peace Vilkomerson is, ask her what boundaries she would accept for a Jewish state in a diplomatic settlement resulting in two states, one Arab, one Jewish, living side by side in peace and neighborly tranquility. If she is honest, she will answer none.

For JVP does not accept the idea of a two-state solution, but seeks a unitary state overrun with four generations of Palestinian “refugees” that will obliterate the Jewish character of Israel and fulfill the Palestinians’ professed goal of pushing the Jews into the sea.

How is it possible for someone who is nominally Jewish to pursue such a goal?

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