May 2019

Freedom Of Speech Is Being Weaponized On Campus

On college campuses today, the right to express our opinions, no matter how inflammatory, is being selectively applied to promote certain ideas and exclude others….

Do Colleges Actually Welcome Segregation on Campus?

On the day before its 2019 general commencement exercises, Harvard University will hold two segregated ceremonies, one for students of color and the other for…

The Democratic Party Is Being Corbynized

Anti-Semitism now thrives within the Democratic Party, representing a normalization of Jew-hatred not previously seen in the U.S. political mainstream. The progressive Left’s socialism, devotion…

The New York Times and the Climate of Anti-Semitism

On the eve of the shooting at a San Diego synagogue, the New York Times published a despicable anti-Semitic cartoon that could have come from the pages of Der…